Thakur's Laboratory

Pathology  is the study and diagnosis of disease. The word pathology is derived from the greek word "Pathos" meaning feeling, suffering and "Logia" meaning the study of. Patholization, to patholize, refers to the process of defining a condition or behaviour as pathological, e.g. pathological gambling. Pathologies is synonymous with diseases. The suffix "Path" is used to indicate a disease e.g,. psychopath. 



  • "I would like to mention here a very important thing that, finding my vein is a tough job for anyone. Have suffered in the hands of many laboratories before coming to thakurs lab..."
    Seema Shroff
    Good Lab
  • "many labs give special reports the next day. The one thing I like about this lab is that all the reports are given the same day and all reports are emailed too. I find it very c..."
    Amol Keny
    Same day reports